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Brokers want to partner with STRIVE because we offer the best in-class products and we make jobs easier. By offering STRIVE as a mobile solution, we help them win business.

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Clients love working with STRIVE because we anticipate their needs and their expectations. Therefore, our value and partnership creates a "sticky" relationship between the broker and the client.

Broker Testimonials

Leslie Slay 

Vice President, Employee Benefits at

Woodruff-Sawyer & Co .


“Woodruff-Sawyer & Company is elated to be working with STRIVE in the development of our expanded employee communication efforts. The improvement in the employee experience is critical to the value that we can bring our clients. Healthcare is complicated. STRIVE is helping us to make it easier for people to understand and navigate.”

Jeff Fallick​ 

Managing Principal, OneDigital

“STRIVE offers an easy to implement, cost-effective perk that we now offer to our clients. Everyone is on their phones 24/7 why not a One-Stop Benefits App? The STRIVE platform is universally loved by our clients.”

Darren Brown 

Executive Vice President and Founding Principal, Employee Benefits, at The ABD Team

“A simple, mobile app that kicks off an employee’s journey and provides quick, relevant support, education and advocacy is going to be a key feature. We have found our partnership with STRIVE to be instrumental for our employers who are looking to aggregate information and offer a user friendly experience to better communicate and support their employees.”

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