Driving Telemedicine Utilization to 58% – How We Did It

26 Feb Driving Telemedicine Utilization to 58% – How We Did It

Since the time we partnered with American Well early last year, the partnership has gone from strength to strength. This year, utilization of Amwell through STRIVE reached 58%. These are staggering numbers when competitors like Teladoc report less than 7%. 

Why is utilization so high? How can your program be more effective against other established industry players? These are some of the questions we get. The answer is solely the STRIVE Benefits platform. It is an effective benefits platform used by tens of thousands of employees around the country. 

STRIVE is the one-stop shop for all things benefits. Here are some questions we help employees answer: 

1)What is the name of my dental insurance company? 

2)What is my office visit copay? 

3)How do I talk to a live person if I have a claim? 

4)Can I find cheaper Rx?

When employees come into the app to get answers to these questions, they see the Talk to a Doctor feature and know they can talk to a doctor at any time. 

Offering telemedicine as part of a combined benefit platform vs being offered as a standalone service encourages usage and drives participation. It makes intuitive sense. So why not switch over from other vendors and come leverage STRIVE to reduce your costs and increase employee happiness?

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