A recent article published by Kim Buckey, VP of client services at DirectPath, on Employee Benefit Advisor, talked about what she considers to be the biggest healthcare trends to expect for 2019. We thought it was interesting how STRIVE fits into two of these trends: data-driven healthcare decisions and personalized benefits communications.


For data-driven healthcare decisions, STRIVE has partnered with Alight Solutions’ Compass Advocate – a service that elevates the healthcare experience of its end-users. This partnership has allowed STRIVE to push a new service offering to its clients called STRIVE Advocacy. This new service offers a wide variety of solutions and resources like:

  • Understanding the customer’s health benefits
  • Consulting medical bills
  • Verifying care coverage
  • Coordinating care
  • Teaching how to use certain features like telemedicine or disease management, and much more.


Compass collects data from end-users and by understanding their information, they are able to provide the support that they need given their particular situation.


For personalized benefits communications, well, this is our specialty. mainly through our award-winning app, the STRIVE Mobile App. The STRIVE app is a one-stop benefits platform that allows employees to access their own medical, dental, and vision plans through the convenience of their smartphones. Our platform is focused on providing the following solutions: change the way benefits are communicated, help employees make better health decisions, and drive employee engagement. Through our app, users are able to:

  • Learn more about what healthcare is
  • Easily find what plan they are in and what their deductible and copay is
  • Receive push notifications that reminds them to take advantage of their benefits
  • Talk to a benefits expert for any help with medical bills, claims, and more!


Both of these advances become more and more prominent as millennials continue to represent the majority of the workforce, and as older generations become more tech-savvy, as well. For this reason, adapting to the generational changes is key in order to provide the most optimal services and products and to be able to see a return on investment.