How to retain your top employees

13 Dec How to retain your top employees

Once you have built a great team, the question is how do you retain your top employees? It is crucial to have good employee retention for the long-term health of the company. Employee retention not only makes the company happy, but also improves customer satisfaction. So how can you work to retain your top employees? Here are the ways:


  1. Build an amazing culture


Culture is one of the most important aspects to retain top employees. “Am I happy at work?” is a question that employees ask. In order to create a healthy and positive culture, companies should establish key principles and goals to attain the culture that they aspire.


A key principle should be the ability to communicate. Employees should feel comfortable communicating their issues as well as their achievements. They should also feel the freedom to communicate their opinions without feeling that they will be judged. Another principle is honesty. Employees should feel that they work in an honest and respectful environment, where collaboration is a key characteristic. Also, they should feel like they are an asset to the company and that their teammates value their opinion.


  1. Make employee roles clear


Every employee that is satisfied understands his or her role on the company. When they have a constant expectation, they know what to do and how to handle a situation. For this reason, it is important for managers to establish clarity of expectation and performances. When employees lack understanding of their role, they don’t achieve the manager’s goals and end up building a negative relationship.


  1. Provide opportunity to grow


Employees look for companies where they know that they can grow professionally or within the company. Offering training and seminars are examples of how you can help an employee grow professionally. Also, challenging the employee to attend top meetings provide them the opportunity to learn different perspectives. Constantly motivating employees to dream big and helping them achieve that goal is a way to retain that employee as he starts to feel that the company cares for him.


  1. Managers’ relationship with employees


Manager should take the time to meet their employees, to communicate, and establish a healthy relationship since their first day. Managers should act as coach and serve as a mentor to provide feedback for their employees.


  1. Recognize and reward good work


A simple “Thank You” may be a reward for a good job. It is a simple gesture but it goes a long way. Employees feel motivated when they are compensated for their hard work. For this reason, monetary rewards, gifts, and bonuses are examples of how to reward good work.


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