A mobile platform that has all your employees' benefits information and helps them make better decisions.

Call For Help

Connect with a benefits consultant to get answers about your benefits, how to find an in-network doctor, reviewing bills, and more.

Benefits Wallet

Access all benefits contacts in one place.


Ask any HR and benefits questions to a 24/7 chat service.

Push Notifications

Receive pop up messages about open enrollment, benefits, HR, company events and much more.

Rx Pricing

Check prices for prescriptions with GoodRx before you even set foot in the pharmacy.

Employee Handbook

Get fast access to the employee benefits handbook, available throughout the year.

You can upgrade the STRIVE App with

STRIVE Telemedicine

A tool that allows your employees to talk to a doctor at any time and anywhere through call or video.

No Copay

Avoid doctor visits charges.


Receive instant alerts to use telemedicine when you walk into an ER or Urgent Care Center.

Available 24/7

Speak to a doctor at any time of the day or night.

STRIVE Advocacy

An advocacy solution from Compass that gives employees a better healthcare experience.

Understand health benefits

Help employees receive unbiased guidance when selecting a healthcare plan and give them personal support for medical, dental and vision benefits throughout the year.

Medical bills assistance

Provide employees with expert help to track down and fix problem bills from any source to avoid being overcharged.

Coordinate care

Help employees verify care coverage, schedule appointments, transfer medical records, and coordinate care.

How to use your benefits

Help employees understand and use their health benefits – like telemedicine, disease management, and EAP – in-the-moment, when they actually need them.

The STRIVE Web Portal

Use the STRIVE Benefits Portal to communicate benefits to employees and job candidates.

Fast set-up

Build new sites in minutes with our customized templates.

Single sign-on

Access all carrier sites through one sign-in.

Mobile optimized

Navigate our mobile-friendly website on your smartphone.

Integration with BenefitPoint

Pull plan summaries from BenefitPoint in seconds and help employees make plan comparisons.

Explore the

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