STRIVE Benefits: New Product Features

24 Jul STRIVE Benefits: New Product Features

Summer is now over. While many of you might have hit the beach or gone on camping trips, the STRIVE team has been all heads-down, cranking out new product features.

Almost all our summer features are based on client requests. So we are sure some of you will be jumping up and down when we unveil these features. Drum roll, please….


Custom-built ID Cards

We’ve heard this story a thousand times. A new employee joins the company, has a need to see the doctor, and the medical ID card hasn’t arrived. Fret not! All the employee has to do is download STRIVE, login, and voila – the card is in there!

Not just that – you can now build out Dental and Vision ID cards as well. No one gets these cards anymore as carriers charge for them. Now, its there – 24/7!

Brokers can also build custom ID cards with their own branding. Is there a better way to create a sticky client relationship?







Millennials love interacting with chatbots. They’re all about saving time and finding answers all on their own without having to make a call. Well, what if you could give them a chatbot for benefits? Wouldn’t that reduce the employees questions you get? Better yet, we can also brand the bot to you or your clients. 










Single Sign-On

We have all been there. Every carrier requires a login process. 99 times out of 100, you have no idea what the username/password is. And you get frustrated when you have to reset the password and make it all work.

What if you logged into STRIVE and magically you get access to all the carriers and 3rd party platforms?

Enter the STRIVE Single Sign-On experience. A couple of clicks and the whole world opens up. We at STRIVE have set SSO up for ourselves and life couldn’t be better.




Custom Welcome Emails

In the past, we provided one standard welcome email template. There was limited opportunity for broker or client branding. We have now created a seamless way to build your own custom welcome emails with your branding. How cool is that?









BenefitPoint Integration

All those plan summaries in BenefitPoint – do clients or employees ever see them?

What if you could push those out seamlessly into STRIVE, so employees can review them and do plan comparisons?

This was probably the most intense feature ever released on STRIVE.  All that intensity has now led to a game-changing integration with BenefitPoint.

Without having to key in plan information manually, launches are now happening crazy fast. And that means we are ready for the 700 or so clients we expect to launch before year-end.



Looking ahead

Well, we can’t just tell you what’s coming up right?  You’ll have to wait and see as new features get pushed.


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