The STRIVE Mobile App is more than an app. It’s a platform.

100% customizable

All companies are different when it comes to employee benefits. That’s why we designed STRIVE to be fully customizable to every company’s and employee’s needs. 

24/7 accessibility

We know that life happens outside the office. With the STRIVE mobile app, employees have 24/7 access to their benefits information, all from their iPhone or Android devices.

110% simple

Life is hard enough. Accessing your benefits shouldn’t be. The STRIVE Benefits platform is easy to access, easy to navigate, and even easier to set-up.

Here are some of our cool app features

All your benefits information in one place

STRIVE has all your benefits information including names of all your benefits providers, phone numbers, and email addresses all in one convenient to access place. You can also look up your plan information before you see a doctor or a dentist and know all your copays and deductibles.

Look for Rx prices. Save Money!

Great, your health plan covers the cost of your drugs. All you have to make is a co-pay. But wait, what if you could get better pricing than your co-pay? The STRIVE Benefits prescription price checker allows you to check prices for prescriptions before you even step foot in the drugstore.

One click access to help with your benefits!

Have questions about your benefits? Need help finding an in-network doctor? Need help reviewing your bills? Call for Help through STRIVE. You will get connected to your benefits consultant. Ask HR about STRIVE’s concierge partnership.

Have all your emergency information be accessible by first responders.

We hope you never need it.  But you can update your emergency data like your blood group, medications and emergency contacts in STRIVE and have it accessed through your locked screen.

Get all company communications on your phone

Sometimes, emails aren’t enough to get important, urgent updates. Your HR team can now send you notifications through STRIVE and you’ll never miss important company benefit updates!

Start empowering your employees today

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