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Practice What You Preach

“Practice what you preach” a saying as old as the English language. I preach the good word of how STRIVE helps employees navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. However, am I a STRIVE user? I most certainly am! Here’s how it saved me both time and

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Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King Day is a day to honor a man who stood for equality, human rights, victims of injustice and those less fortunate. Inspired by the ideals and values he stood for, the STRIVE team made the most of their

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Our New STRIVE Feature: Open Enrollment Hub!

Open Enrollment (OE) looks a bit different this year. A face-to-face open enrollment strategy is no longer feasible and company’s need to figure out how to engage their employees virtually. We are excited to unveil and launch our new OE Hub that is filled with

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Employee Benefits & Technology: STRIVE Partners with Acrisure

A feature-rich, cost-effective, mobile technology platform is often the key to gaining new business and retaining the best clients. However, not all technology platforms understand an agency’s need to customize and tailor the platform specific to their clients unique needs. Now more than ever, it’s

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